The Skip Garden’s Flying Cafe

Christiania - Catering, Skip Garden Flying Cafe

The Skip Garden is a marvellous initiative run by Global Generation: a vegetable garden in the King’s Cross development. The harvested vegetables are used to prepare meals served at the Garden. They now have purchased a Christiania catering tricycle, especially fitted out by our London dealer, London Green Cycles, and they are using it to serve lunches at popular Granary Square.

The bike-propelled food kiosk will be bringing hungry residents, students, workers and visitors the freshest Skip Garden food including delicious soups, yummy salad boxes and homemade cakes.
The bicycle café is the brainchild of Global Generation who run the innovative Skip Garden and Skip Garden Café, which are located just north of Handyside Street.
The Skip Garden’s Hatch Café and the monthly pop-up Café are still going strong but the Flying Café now means that you can grab some lunch on the way through Granary Square, and you can be sure that it is fresh as most of the ingredients used come directly from the Skip Garden.
Local young people, known as Generators, work on all aspects of the café including design, cooking, serving and marketing.


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