Promoting Copenhagen digital cloud service

Christiania - Postbox, Service in a Box, outdoor

The Municipality of Copenhagen is using Christiania tricycles to promote its range of digital services.

This week, the Citizen’s Service will launch their new initiative ‘Borgerservice2go’ – a mobile citizens service unit.

The idea for these 3-wheeled citizen service centres came from the mobile service offered on-campus at Copenhagen Universities, which provide services to newly arrived international students during peak times of enrolment. Now, this mobile ‘service in a box’ is available to all Copenhageners, and pedaling to a location near you.

Borgerservice2go can provide you with a NEM ID, get you started with Digital Post, and answer questions about navigating through the digital Borgerservice system.

Your Digital Post Box is the primary means of communication with the city administration and many other services. You can log in with your NEM ID to access your current and past records from any computer, anywhere in the world.

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