Welcome to Christiania Bikes, the original cargobike that has been gracing the streets of Copenhagen for 36 years and is being exported all over the world.

The first Christiania tricycle in London was purchased in 1997 by Terence Conran for home deliveries from his flagship grocery store Bluebird; since then thousands of families have seen their children grow up on a Christiania tricycle; their most common comment: “I cannot think how we would have coped without”. Similarly hundreds of business, from florists to refuse collectors, from restaurants to handymen, from big businesses to charities have saved thousands of pounds by using a Christiania tricycle.


It is the safest way to transport children on a bike:

  • You are much more visible on the road
  • Motor vehicles leave more room when overtaking
  • Being on three wheels, you never have to balance the bike
  • The children are protected in the box, which has a strong metal frame
  • The size will give you the confidence to ride assertively on the road, preventing motor vehicles from squeezing you towards the kerb

It will help your business, in countless ways, whether it is for transporting goods, for merchandising, or for promotions

  • Able to get to places motor vehicles are not allowed
  • No more parking fines
  • Unaffected by congestion and congestion charges
  • Negligible running costs
  • A great way to advertise your business
  • Riders don’t need a driving licence
  • Best cargo/price ratio in the market (except dodgy Chinese imitations which will break down after a few months)
  • And, very important, it is a lot of fun to ride one!




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