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The Christiania tricycle finds a wide application in industries where mobility of people and goods is the key element, such as couriering, catering, industrial plants, nurseries and repair services. In the UK a wide variety of businesses have discovered how much money and time they save when they own a Christiania tricycle: florists, Councils, fast food restaurants, handymen, street cleaners, couriers, gardeners, etc.

The Christiania tricycle is reliable, functional and requires minimal maintenance. It has the best price/cargo capacity ratio of all the quality cargo bikes.

With the addition of electric assist, a business can reach also hilly areas and make the bike available also to staff members who are at first reluctant to undertake physical exercise.

It also has great promotional advantages: People cannot fail to notice it, on the road or parked conveniently by the front door.

And naturally, it will help your business cut its carbon footprint.




Light Classic

The Light Classic is the premier load carrying tricycle. The frame is aluminium; the box can be sloping or straight (i.e. 50cm high all around). There is also an extended version, with 30 cm longer box. The box can be covered by a canopy held by aluminium arches, or by a lockable lid.

RRP: £1439.58 + Vat, with seven speed and frame lock. Straight box: +£33.33 + Vat

DimensionsDifferent versions

Clockwise from top left: Straight with lid; Straight with hood; straight; long with lid and door. (Top 3 pictures courtesy of London Green Cycles)

P/Box Post trike

The P/Box was developed for the Danish Post. Its secure lockable box opens fully and easily on pneumatic arms whereas the flap on the side will let you access the box to take out a small package without lifting the lid. Ideal for business use: transport valuable goods, or carry tools. Available in steel only for 100kg carrying capacity.

The box is available in 6 different colour options; additionally we can provide details of printers who can produce vinyl covers to personalise the box with your colours and logo; for £150-200.

RRP: £1772.92 + Vat, with seven speed and frame lock.


3107 No box

The 3107 No Box is for businesses who want to customize the front box, be it to fit an ice-cream refrigerator or to sell hot food at a market or for special promotions.The dimensions of the front frame are standard (62 x 88 cm) but Christiania Bikes is able to produce bespoke frame sizes. Please contact us with your requirements.

RRP: £1125.41 + Vat, with three speed and frame lock.


The Eventbike is designed for businesses and organizations that offer goods or information literature at markets, tourist destinations, fairs, transport hubs, etc. The display area consists of two tables and a long shelf. It is designed so that all the moving parts of the box are secured when the box is closed and the tricycle is ridden. The box is available in 6 different colour options; additionally we can provide details of printers who can produce vinyl covers to personalise the box with your colours and logo; for £150-200.

RRP: £2610.42 + Vat, with seven speed and frame lock.


Electric Assist

Christiania Bikes offers two options of motors:

  • Cargo-motor, fitted in the rear hub
  • Pendix, a powerful central motor

They can be fitted on all models; the Pendix is particularly suited for retro-fits.

Cargo Motor

Comes with a 13.6 Panasonic Lithium-ion battery, fitted above the rear wheel and a throttle, to reduce power consumption.Christiania - motor

Technical data
Gear Shimano Alivio 8 gear
Motor 250w brushless DC hub motor with planetary gear
Controller PWM/microprocessor with self-diagnostic system
Low voltage (protection) 31.5 V
Mode PAS (Pedal Assist System) (EU standard EN 15194)
Battery 13,6AH 36V Panasonic Li-ION, 490 watt hours, detachable,
weight 3 kg
Charging / discharging up till 1.000 times
Charger Swift mode, sealed, charge time 5-7 hours
Range Up to 40 km

Price: £1208.33 + Vat


Can be easily fitted on an existing non-electric model. Its central positioning allows for a lower torque for steeper hills. Weight 6.5 kg.


Technical data


Drive system: brushless bottom bracket motor
Performance: 250 W nominal
Speed cut-off: 25 km/h
Motor settings: 3 modes
Torque (max): 50 Nm


Type: lithium ion accumulator (removable)
Capacity: 300 Wh / 500 Wh
Voltage: 48 V
Charging time: 3 hrs
Range (max): 105 km

Price: £1208.33 + Vat



  1. Charlotte · · Reply

    Where can I buy a cover for the H/box? Preferably waterproof. I have a street food business that I use my bike for but I desperately need an elastic plastic cover.

    1. For all spares, please contact London Green Cycles

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