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The Christiania tricycle finds a wide application in industries where mobility of people and goods is the key element, such as couriering, catering, industrial plants, nurseries and repair services. In the UK a wide variety of businesses have discovered how much money and time they save when they own a Christiania tricycle: florists, Councils, fast food restaurants, handymen, street cleaners, couriers, gardeners, etc.

The Christiania tricycle is reliable, functional and requires minimal maintenance. It has the best price/cargo capacity ratio of all the quality cargo bikes.

With the addition of electric assist, a business can reach also hilly areas and make the bike available also to staff members who are at first reluctant to undertake physical exercise.

It also has great promotional advantages: People cannot fail to notice it, on the road or parked conveniently by the front door.

And naturally, it will help your business cut its carbon footprint.







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