For Families

Take your children to school, playground, or to the park. Go shopping. Life will be a lot simpler and much more fun with a Christiania tricycle!

SAFETY: The Christiania is the safest way to transport children on a bike:

  1. You are very visible
  2. Motor vehicles leave you more room
  3. It gives you the confidence to ride assertively
  4. The box has a very robust metal base
  5. You are on three wheels, so you don’t have to balance the bike

The most common comment of Christiania parents is: “I don’t know how I would have coped without it”. Indeed a quarter of Copenhagen families with two or more children own a cargo trike. Once you have one, all your trips to school, museums, sport clubs, shopping, etc. etc. become a lot easier, and much more fun.

Your children will love the sizable square box (much more than those cramped, rounded boxes of other cargo trikes, designed to appeal to parents rather than children). Although not scientifically proven, most children prefer Christiania Bikes.

2023 Prices below. See electric motors prices here

Light Classic

The Christiania Light rolls so smoothly and swiftly, it is just a pleasure to ride. Fitted generally with seven speed and coaster brake (three and eight speed are also available), and with a tight turning circle, it is surprising manoeuvrable in most urban settings. There is a range of box colours and canopy shapes and colours; see details below. Two choices of seats: a wooden bench, with optional pillow, or a soft seat; both are for two chldren and come standard with a lap-belt. For children younger than two, an additional three-point harness can be fitted. Climbing on board is aided by an aluminium step.
If you have three or four children (or if you plan to transport your children’s friends regularly), choose the straight option, so that an extra bench can be fitted.
RRP: £2282.00, with seven speed, Bugatti hood, soft seat for two children and frame lock. Motor prices

H/Box +30 Long Box

The Long Box, 30cm longer than the Classic model, is for families with three or four children who want to ensure they have ample storage space for school bags, sport kits, shopping, etc.
Built exclusively in steel, it is 7 kg heavier than the light, but still rides smoothly and easily.
This is also the preferred choice for kindergartens in Scandinavia, where they seat six children in each trike for school outings.
RRP: £3020.50 with seven speed, Panorama prairie hood, seating for four children and frame lock. Motor prices  (Only rear drive available)

Short Box

Christiania - Short Box, studio small
The Short Box has been developed primarily for grandparents, for shopping trips and taking their grandchildren on rides; but of course can be considered as an option by families as well. Extremely maneuverable and stable. Aluminium frame, 25cm shorter than the Classic, box size: 63 x 62 x 50/36 cm. It has its own Bugatti hood as an option.
RRP: £2170.00 with seven speed, Bugatti hood and frame lock. Soft seat for two children £112 Motor prices


The 2Wheeler is for families with one or two children whose typical journeys have few interruptions, generally in a non-urban setting or with well designed cycle paths. The low centre of gravity offers great stability and the box is deeper than that of most other two-wheelers.
Equipped with 8 speed and frame lock. It uses the Bugatti hood of the Classic and comes in three frame colours: Green, Cream or Black.
Dimension of box: Bottom: 63×40; Top 87×58/46. Overall length: 2.52. Weight: 28kg. Capacity 60kg + rider.
RRP: £2096.00 with bench for two children; Bugatti hood: £231

Electric Assist

Christiania Bikes offers three options of motors.


Frame material

Aluminium. 35kg total weight. 80kg payload.

The box

Standard box: Length: 88cm. Width: 62cm. Height: 50cm at the rear, 35cm at the front. Carries two children (one bench) and a variety of cargo.
Straight box: 50cm high all around. Carries up to four children (two benches).

Climb every hill

3 speeds: easy for flat and fairly flat areas
7 speeds: will get you up most hills
Electric assist: climb every hill without sweat

Cover up

Bugatti Panorama – aerodynamic and bright inside (Christiania Classic Standard box only), avialable in cream, black, red, light blue, green.

Prairie – spacious and flexible (fits all open boxes), available in cream, black, red, light blue, green.

Rain cover – quickly covers the box, easy on, easy off (fits all open boxes)

Full trike cover – covers your trike if it lives outdoors

Personalize your box

Choose box colour: Blue, Cream, Green, Red, Yellow.
Brand your box: use vinyl decals from a graphics specialist
Paint your wagon: see our guide here

Sit comfortably

Hard bench – sits two; doubles as a lockable storage box. Make it soft with a Christiania cushion. Fully removable for greater cargo capacity
Soft seat – sits two; folds for greater cargo capacity.
Side seat – sits one.
Baby seat – use your own like in a car. Secure it with an extra lap belt or with specially designed sprung frames.

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