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A market trader revitalised

Andre Gailey Coutinho used to work at a market stall. The thing he liked the least was setting up and dismantling the stall. As all market traders want to do the same thing at the same time, the inevitable scrum was unpleasant and time-wasting. After a few years managing restaurants,

The Skip Garden’s Flying Cafe

The Skip Garden is a marvellous initiative run by Global Generation: a vegetable garden in the King’s Cross development. The harvested vegetables are used to prepare meals served at the Garden. They now have purchased a Christiania catering tricycle, especially fitted out by our London dealer, London Green Cycles, and

How would you like your Carlsberg?

Chilled of course. Carlsberg has been dispensed from Christiania tricycles for many years. At the top is the newest version; below is a fifteen-year old model. Images courtesy of Mudguard Media and Jeremy Filgate

Hot dogs or pop corn?

Here are a couple of images showing Christiania tricycles used as mobile catering vehicles. Images courtesy of Mudguard Media and Mikael Colville

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