Suburban dream

The smart school run

The smart school run

The growth in cycling in London has been fairly selective: at 8:30 some junctions will see thirty plus cyclists at each phase of the traffic lights and over many bridges, bicycles are the most common vehicle. However outside the rush-hour and away from the main commuter routes to Central London, bicycles are still marginalised by outdated transport infrastructure.

Transport for London is aware of this problem and is encouraging outer Boroughs to improve the public realm so that ordinary people can ride their bikes safely and effectively. At a recent conference organised by Ealing Council, Danish urbanists and Council leaders were invited to show why a third of families with children own a cargobike.

We are doing our bit by importing a bit of Denmark to the UK. Our vision is for all British suburban streets be filled with Christiania tricycles allowing many families to cycle to school, shops and playgrounds quickly, safely and merrily. It is no coincidence that the Danes are the happiest people on the planet.

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