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In snow and slush, three wheels are better

Not all cities have the logistical power of Copenhagen and its fleet of cycle lanes snowplows (and at times also Copenhagen gets caught). Even cycle friendly Berlin doesn’t do a good job in clearing cycle lanes from snow. Let’s not talk about London, where a light powdering of white stuff

Suburban dream

The growth in cycling in London has been fairly selective: at 8:30 some junctions will see thirty plus cyclists at each phase of the traffic lights and over many bridges, bicycles are the most common vehicle. However outside the rush-hour and away from the main commuter routes to Central London,

Transporting a baby

Simply Bikes has a guest post by Juliet Kemp, London-based Christiania Mum. Her son has just graduated from car seat to soft seat. She has some words of advice. We had an extra lap belt fitted to the floor of the cargo box, and acquired a second-hand car seat to

Election Day USA

Just another school pick-up, Dutch-style

We live above an elementary school. In addition to the pleasure of hearing non-stop squeals and laughter from the children, I also get to witness the oh-so-Dutch school pick-up at 3pm sharp (1pm on Wednesdays). Here’s how it works. About 972 bicycles ridden by 972 parents appear out of nowhere

Svajerløbet – Cargo Bike Race

Every year in mid August Copenhagen hosts a cargo bike race. Harry reports: The Svajerløb, for those of you who don’t know, is the Danish Open Championships in cargobike racing. Back in the day, when bicycles still dominated the streets of Copenhagen the bike messengers of that day was called

Toy box

What a wonderful way to display Lego storage boxes by Fritz Hansen at their new Fitzrovia store.

One-finger steering

The Christiania tricycle is so easy to steer, that all you need is one finger. The back-pedal brake allows one to just use the right index finger on the handlebar. Naturally, if you are going downhill at speed, a steadier grip is needed. Photo by Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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