You get what you pay for

WorkCycles is Amsterdam’s specialist on cargobikes. This is from their Flickr stream:

At Workcycles we repair a lot of bikes, especially the transport bicycles since that’s our speciality. About half the bikes in the shop are usually Workcycles but we’re happy to fix anything as long as we can do the job well.

We’re one of the few shops in Amsterdam that repairs [cheap] bakfietsen so we see quite a few of them. The repairs are often extensive, such as this one that had the rotted wood panels, the rear wheel, saddle, seatpost, cranks, bottom bracket, brake lever, shifter and all cables replaced. It was more than a full day’s work for the mechanic.

Ironically a [cheap trike] is often much better bike when it leaves our shop than when purchased new.

In other words, if you buy cheap you pay twice.

When you buy a quality bike, such as a Christiania tricycle, you spend a lot less in maintenance and you benefit from a much higher resale value. A generous estimate of the overall cost of owning a Christiania tricycle, including maintenance and depreciation is about a third of the cost of the annual London bus pass.

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