Svajerløbet – Cargo Bike Race

Every year in mid August Copenhagen hosts a cargo bike race.

Harry reports:

The Svajerløb, for those of you who don’t know, is the Danish Open Championships in cargobike racing. Back in the day, when bicycles still dominated the streets of Copenhagen the bike messengers of that day was called “Svajers”, because the swayed on their heavily loaded cargobikes. Once a year the dapper young cargobike riders gathered together and raced their bikes in order to crown the fastest Svajer of the town. The winner would get bragging rights for 1 year and such is the rules today.

For the second year in a row the Svajerløb was held at the old Carlsberg factory in the lovely borough of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, people from all over the world had traveled to our fair hometown in order to race their cargobikes, drink a few beers and meet like-minded friends from around the globe. Since svajer always has been a suave personality we where very pleased to se people taking this part of the race seriously and dressing up for the occasion. We saw bow ties, suspenders and blinding white shirts… and this to a bike race!

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