Caretaker on a cargobike

Guest post by Daniel Böhm; first published for Mobilitätsagentur Wien Mr. Talas is Vienna’s first caretaker on a cargobike. We meet him early on the 12th floor of a community building in the 9th district of Vienna. Mr. Talas and his team are part of a pilot project of the Wiener Wohnen

The Bearded Barista of Edinburgh

Guest post by Gavin Smart. This article first appeared on In a world of high-end retail outlets and expensive marketing campaigns, I’ve always held a strong affection for those trying to make their way on a limited budget. Originally hailing from Orkney, an island in the remote north of Scotland,

Florist enthused by cargobike trial

Guest post by Helen Clarke, a florist in Leytonstone who has benefited from the Free Cargobike Rental Scheme offered by Waltham Forest as part of its Mini Holland Programme. So a couple of weeks ago I signed up to borrow a Christiania cargobike from Waltham Forest as part of their Mini

The Good Bike in Somers Town

Guest blog by London Green Cycles: An interesting initiative took place this week in Somers Town, an area in Central London, between Euston Station and the British Library, with a very ethnically diverse population. Creative regeneration specialists Clear Village and collaborative design group Eclective, took a Christiania cargobike out in

Exploring Copenhagen with my Mum

Guest blog by Susi at Velojoy My Mom and I recently traveled to Europe to celebrate her 80th birthday. It was strictly mother-daughter time, just the two of us, on a wonderful 10-day excursion that kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is the cycling capital of the world, so of

Victoria Park

With its wide boulevards, adventure playgrounds, skatepark, giant slide and lake, Victoria Park is a favourite for families. These pictures were taken by Hackney Cyclist, and featured in a thorough review of the Park.

Joyfully riding a cargobike in London

Adapted from an article that Sylvia Gauthereau wrote for London Cyclist When I had my second child and time for school was looming, I had to think of logistics, especially since like many other families we were not offered a place in our local school. I did consider a car

“How do they do it”

Discovery Channel visits the Christiania Bikes factory.

The story of Cycling Without Age

Oliver Broom tells in the Guardian the story of the founding of Cycling Without Age, which in a couple of years has grown to providing extremely beneficial cycle taxi outings to residents of more than 150 care homes. Thorkild Thim is a 97-year-old Copenhagener. He’s a former Royal Guard and

“The most important thing is that it makes my little boy happy”

This report by Vick Myers Has appeared on Lorraine’s blog ‘Cool man!’ and an approving look comes from three teenage boys hanging out on the beach with their surf boards. I wonder what it it that illicits such a response. Maybe its the blond baby boy sitting next to his teddy

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