Christiania Bikes, symbol of Copenhagen

Danish culture institution Golden Days has launched a new initiative to mark the 850 year anniversary of the City of Copenhagen. Named Københavnerkanon, it asks citizens what best represents modern day Copenhagen.


Without attempting to influence contributions, the director of Golden Days, Svante Lindeburg has already named his candidate:

The Christiania bike is the sum of almost everything I like in Copenhagen: A green bicycle city characterized by community, optimism, celebration and an anti-authoritarian mindset


“First, Copenhagen is a cycling city and a green city. People who come here find it striking how much we choose to travel by bike. In addition Christiania bike is not just for one person, but for more – so here you also get the community within, which I believe constitutes Copenhagen. It can be used in a family context, for example, to transport the children to kindergarten, but the moment you put a ghetto blaster in it, you have a rolling disco, you can ride down to the Queen Louise Bridge and use to party with friends. So it also symbolizes all the Copenhagen optimism and spontaneity. Finally, the very name: Christiania bike. It is something very, very special for Copenhagen – and Denmark – that we have this ‘state of emergency’ in the middle of the city with Christiania on the one hand and Tivoli on the other hand, a strangely fun yin-yang relationship between two closed islands in the capital. There, you get all the free-thought and the anti-authoritarian mindset that is also special for Copenhagen. “

Svante Lindeburg, of course, owns a Christiania bike, which he uses for both transporting children and things and sometimes friends on a city tour.

Images by Malene Anthony Nielsen, photo-journalist at Berlingske Tidende

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