Spot the air quality monitor

Christiania - Full of flowers, Healthy Air

Healthy Air is an initiative by Client Earth, the legal professionals who have taken the UK Government to Court for failing in its duty to protect citizens from the violence of polluters.

On 05.07 Healthy Air joined forces with Climate Revolution at the Urban Outdoor Festival. They rented a tricycle from London Green Cycles and fitted a sophisticated air quality monitor and used it to plot NO2 levels during the Festival and on a hour-long ride.


They chose a good route, away from busy polluted roads; as a result the readings during most of the ride were lower than at the Festival, which took place at a park near a four lane road.

Cargobikes are ideal for this monitoring work. Next outing will be on Islington most polluted street, the Old Street / Clerkenwell Road corridor, to strengthen the case for the Boulevard proposal, and filter away through traffic from the most cycled roads in London.

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