“The Richard and Judy of the family cargo bike industry.”

Our South England dealers, Kids & Family Cycles were featured by the Daily Telegraph in a review of cargobikes:

Carolyn and Martin are a husband-and-wife team who run a crack operation selling family cargo bikes from their workshop in East Dorset. Carolyn is the “child transportation expert” who helps you decide which bike fits your family. Martin is the mechanic who knows more about how they work. I tell them I’m going to ditch my Mini Countryman for a week and commit to ferrying my children around London in a bucket bike.

Carolyn and Martin arrive half an hour before I am due to take Samuel (three years) and Elsie (13 months) to Monkey Music. Martin is wearing a T-shirt that says “life-changing bikes”. Carolyn is holding a stuffed animal called “Demo Dog”, which she introduces to the kids. It’s clear from the outset that they are total pros

The journalist on the Christiania Light with motor (disregard the wrong caption in the article).

The journalist on the Christiania Light with motor (disregard the wrong caption in the article).

And these are journalist Kate Weinberg’s impressions of the Christiania:

We take out the Christiania, which is a beautiful, old-fashioned-looking bike that Martin tells me is “more responsive” than the [competitor]. I take this to mean “more difficult”. But perhaps because I’ve had more practice, I enjoy this bike more. Not least because this model has “electric assist” and runs on a motor when you turn a key on the back wheel. We whizz up and down the hills by the park. “Wooh Wooh,” says Elsie, and I’m not sure whether she is imitating the engine or talking to Demo Dog.

Full Article here

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