Favourite promotional vehicle at political jamboree

Christiania - Event, Allinge, blue box

Folkemødet on the island of Bornholm is an annual informal meeting of people, organisations and politicians. For the third year the free festival provides a different space for Danish politicians to debate and meet with interest groups. Politicians, business, NGO’s and any citizen, come together for free-of-charge seminars and encounters. This year the 4-day festival is expected to have up to 60.000 attendees and there is massive press coverage. All activities takes place in a huge village of tents around the small town of Allinge which normally has a little more than 1.500 inhabitants.
The leaders of all the political parties in Denmark will attend together with government ministers, MEPs plus many mayors and councilors.

During the festival, more than twenty Christiania tricycles are used by the various organisations to help convey their message, and for logistics.

Christiania - Event, Allinge, blue-yellow box

Christiania - Event, Allinge, Volt

Christiania - Event, Allinge, PostBox

Christiania - Event, Allinge, Stem

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