Factory work

Christiania - Hbox, studio

This is from Practical Cycles, our North West England dealer:

A manufacturer had the following conundrum:

The bulky and heavy parts they make for the automotive industry are made in a different building to the building where they are stored and processed for despatch or fitting. The buildings are part of a reasonably large site. The parts are too heavy for a person to carry between the buildings. The distance between the buildings is too short to justify running any sort of petrol or battery equipped van, cart or car.

The only logical solution was a Cargo Bike and they chose the wonderful Christiania Trike!

The Trike will probably be ridden less than a mile each day (due to the size of the site) but it will be used every day and apart from the odd application of lube and a rub down with an oily rag it will cost the company virtually nothing to run. you couldn’t say that about a van or battery cart now could you?!…

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