Mobility regained, by James Cracknell

Double Olympic champion James Cracknell on his Christiania tricycle


Olympic champion, adventurer and columnist for the Telegraph James Cracknell bought a Christiania – and wrote about it in the Telegraph’s Motoring section.

Back in 2010 Cracknell was struck by a lorry whilst cycling across the United States. He has told the tale a number of times and here again, this time explaining how, from the assault and through having his driving licence taken away, he arrived at the decision to go Christiania.

Ironically, it’s the short journeys that cause the most problems and take planning that we normally wouldn’t consider: prime examples are nipping the kids to swimming practice, popping out for a pint of milk –

We don’t find it ironic – it’s a well documented conundrum to which many people have found the ideal solution.

So I began figuring out ways to work around it, like when I recently filled up the trolley on a weekly supermarket shop and then asked the store manager if he could look after my shopping while I cycled home and back three times with a crammed rucksack.

Ah, you found the solution too…

And now, in a bid to reclaim independence and be of some use around the house (at least on the transport front), I’ve bought the tricycle.

We’ve said it to you personally, we’ll say it again: congratulations! You have just joined the avant-garde of British transport.

Cracknell then goes on to explain Christiania trikes.

Although the trike’s box is decked out in 2012 Olympic colours, I don’t anticipate Sir Chris Hoy beating a path to my door to give it a spin around the velodrome next July.

And yet we wouldn’t be surprised if Sir Chris beating a path to our door – we find Christianias pretty essential for town living. James Cracknell’s rowing partner Sir Matthew Pinsent would attest – he’s got one too.

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