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The most widely sold cargobike

Christiania Bikes relaunched the cargobike as a serious load carrying vehicle in the late 70’s. Today it is ridden in all continents and in all temperatures. The picture above was taken a year ago in Greenland, by Theis

Christiania Tricycles in Zurich

While in Zurich for his TedEx talk, Mikael Colville Andersen spotted a couple of Christiania tricycles. The Low Box is very fast; ideal for fast deliveries. The Post Box is appropriate for deliveries and for promotions. Our advice is to use the box panels to display a company logo.

The Wonderful World Of Bike-Based Deliveries

Fast Company has featured the recently established European Cycle Logistics Federation, whose role is to promote the use of cargo bikes for urban deliveries. Here is a quote that should make people reflect: Research by the German Institute of Transport Research found that e-cargo bikes could take care of 85%

White bread, not.

The best bread in the Universe is now being delivered by the best cargo bike in the Universe. OK, opinions vary; but this bike we have just supplied to Poilâne looks terrific.

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