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“Children need their little secrets”

Here is my speech at the 30 years Anniversary of Christiania Bikes at Radhuisplads in Copenhagen: I would like to tell you three stories: 1. A few years ago I got divorced in England, the worst place for a husband to get divorced: the legal system is wholly in favour

A modern day Madonna and two cherubs

Image by Mudguard Media

A Christiania Dad rides to school

In this film, by BicycleSPACE, our dealer in Washington DC, USA, the father enthuses on the special rapport he has with his children when riding his Christiania to school. Via London Green Cycles

Bang bang bang

The Long Box is ideal if you have three or four children. Although you can fit them in a standard size tricycle with straight box, the longer version affords more space for school bags, bikes, footballs, scooters, musical instruments, etc. The Long box is a mini-playground on wheels. Image by

Christiania mums are leading the way

One day Britain will look like this: dedicated cycle facilities children happily being transported by bike not a helmet in sight mountains of bikes As you ride your Christiania tricycle you are leading the way for this transformation. You are telling everyone that the superior lifestyle enjoyed by the Danes

Why children love their Christiania

When Christiania Bikes introduced the Bugatti hood, customers soon started to ask for an extra window, at the back, so that the rider could see the children. For a long time Lars refused to oblige: “Children need to have their little secrets”. After a couple of years, Lars relented and

Advent season

Be it to transport presents or the gifts of life, a Christiania tricycle makes December more fun and enjoyable.

Transporting a baby

Simply Bikes has a guest post by Juliet Kemp, London-based Christiania Mum. Her son has just graduated from car seat to soft seat. She has some words of advice. We had an extra lap belt fitted to the floor of the cargo box, and acquired a second-hand car seat to

Just another school pick-up, Dutch-style

We live above an elementary school. In addition to the pleasure of hearing non-stop squeals and laughter from the children, I also get to witness the oh-so-Dutch school pick-up at 3pm sharp (1pm on Wednesdays). Here’s how it works. About 972 bicycles ridden by 972 parents appear out of nowhere

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