Model P can either be equipped with a Post box or an Event box. The Post box is designed with secure lockable box, which opens fully and easily by pneumatic arms. The lid, which is internally fitted with 2 gas springs, is therefore easy to lift and lower. However, instead of opening the box completely, the flap on the side will let you access the box quickly to take out a small package without lifting the lid. This model is ideal for business use such as transporting valuable goods or carrying tools.
Model P can also be equipped with an Event box. This box consists of two tables and a long shelf. It is designed so that all the moving parts of the box are secured when the box is closed and the model is ridden. The Event box is supplied with two folding tables, display stand for brochures and a pull-out shelf and can be customized with various options and equipment.

Additional information

Weight: 51.00 kg

Dimensions: 208 × 87 × 117 cm

Box: internal dimensions 88 x 62 x 59 cm +/- 0.5 cm, hand built in Denmark

Box Size: 322L

Payload: 100 kg

Permissible max weight: 251 kg

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