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“How do they do it”

Discovery Channel visits the Christiania Bikes factory.

The story of Cycling Without Age

Oliver Broom tells in the Guardian the story of the founding of Cycling Without Age, which in a couple of years has grown to providing extremely beneficial cycle taxi outings to residents of more than 150 care homes. Thorkild Thim is a 97-year-old Copenhagener. He’s a former Royal Guard and

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Guest blog by Louise Lord The sun is shining and we are more than half way to kindergarten and my three-year-old son is shouting, ‘You can do it,’ as I frantically pedal up one of Crouch End’s minor mountains aboard Tilly, our cargo bike. Thankfully, as well as the cheering,

You get what you pay for

WorkCycles is Amsterdam’s specialist on cargobikes. This is from their Flickr stream: At Workcycles we repair a lot of bikes, especially the transport bicycles since that’s our speciality. About half the bikes in the shop are usually Workcycles but we’re happy to fix anything as long as we can do

How it all started

A charming look at the origin of Christiania Bikes

Assembling a new Christiania

Here is the Christiania Bikes dealer in Australia, assembling a tricycle. It is a skilled operation lasting two-three hours. Once ready,the tricycle is ready for years of faithful service.

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