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A modern day Madonna and two cherubs

Image by Mudguard Media

A Christiania Dad rides to school

In this film, by BicycleSPACE, our dealer in Washington DC, USA, the father enthuses on the special rapport he has with his children when riding his Christiania to school. Via London Green Cycles

The S-Box in action

Des Anges Pacôme les autres is a French charity that aids families with children suffering from Angelman’s Syndrome, a neurodegenerative condition characterized by severe intellectual and developmental disability. They have recently made a short film of how they use the Christiania S/Box which has been developed exactly for the transport of children with special needs. […]

Lighting family life

This painting is one of a series by Rose Miller. It beautifully represents the clarity of vision of Christiania Bikes owners and the energetic dynamo that riding one offers. She says: “It keeps us in shape, gets us engaging once again with the outdoors and this rejuvenation gives us a new lease of freedom. It’s […]

Karma Cannon and Love Boombox

A trio of sound systems spotted at a recent festival in Copenhagen

The beautiful showroom of our London dealer

Located on the East side of Regent’s Park, London Green Cycles specialises on cargobikes and its management and staff have several years of experience in selling and servicing Christiania Bikes. Also read this article in the Independent

Christiania Taxis for OAPs

Five care homes in Copenhagen have purchased Christiania Taxis, for transporting elderly people on errands. It is an initiative organised by Ole Kassov’s “Cycling for all ages” project. Copenhagenize writes about a joint ride last week-end. All images by Sandra Hoj


This winter(/spring) we surely had enough chances to show how well the Christiania performs when the white stuff keeps falling. Image by Mikael Colville

Bang bang bang

The Long Box is ideal if you have three or four children. Although you can fit them in a standard size tricycle with straight box, the longer version affords more space for school bags, bikes, footballs, scooters, musical instruments, etc. The Long box is a mini-playground on wheels. Image by Blue Skyz Media

Christiania mums are leading the way

One day Britain will look like this: dedicated cycle facilities children happily being transported by bike not a helmet in sight mountains of bikes As you ride your Christiania tricycle you are leading the way for this transformation. You are telling everyone that the superior lifestyle enjoyed by the Danes and the Dutch can be […]