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Fresh air? Freedom! Christiania Bike!

Last year the Tyrolean State Museum hosted an exhibition called “FRISCHLUFT? FREIHEIT! FAHRRAD!” The museum has a Christiania Bike available for its visitors. Arne Behrensen tried it. On the eve of our booked day, I look at the small but interesting special exhibition. I can take the Cargobike for the following

Playing with Lego

Sean Kelly makes BIG sculptures with Lego. One of his recent works is: “Back from market with mum” It is a life-size model with fantastic details. Sean, who owns a Christiania bike himself, explains: In creating this sculpture, I wanted to capture the simple joys of everyday life as a

Riding is fun, for people of all abilities

In a small farming village in North Jutland, a wheel-chair bound pensioner is given back the joy of riding in the countryside. Skive Flokeblad reports: A very special bike means that 84-year-old Anna Sørensen  can, for the first time in a long time, go on a bike ride – despite

The Good Bike in Somers Town

Guest blog by London Green Cycles: An interesting initiative took place this week in Somers Town, an area in Central London, between Euston Station and the British Library, with a very ethnically diverse population. Creative regeneration specialists Clear Village and collaborative design group Eclective, took a Christiania cargobike out in

Exploring Copenhagen with my Mum

Guest blog by Susi at Velojoy My Mom and I recently traveled to Europe to celebrate her 80th birthday. It was strictly mother-daughter time, just the two of us, on a wonderful 10-day excursion that kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is the cycling capital of the world, so of

Joyfully riding a cargobike in London

Adapted from an article that Sylvia Gauthereau wrote for London Cyclist When I had my second child and time for school was looming, I had to think of logistics, especially since like many other families we were not offered a place in our local school. I did consider a car

“The most important thing is that it makes my little boy happy”

This report by Vick Myers Has appeared on Lorraine’s blog ‘Cool man!’ and an approving look comes from three teenage boys hanging out on the beach with their surf boards. I wonder what it it that illicits such a response. Maybe its the blond baby boy sitting next to his teddy

“The Richard and Judy of the family cargo bike industry.”

Our South England dealers, Kids & Family Cycles were featured by the Daily Telegraph in a review of cargobikes: Carolyn and Martin are a husband-and-wife team who run a crack operation selling family cargo bikes from their workshop in East Dorset. Carolyn is the “child transportation expert” who helps you

After the school run, brisk trade at the market

Here is a bespoke solution, constructed by our dealer, London Green Cycles. The family will use their Christiania tricycle in the morning to take the children to school. Back at home, the “market stall option” is loaded, and one of the parents will go to a local market, and sell

“Children need their little secrets”

Here is my speech at the 30 years Anniversary of Christiania Bikes at Radhuisplads in Copenhagen: I would like to tell you three stories: 1. A few years ago I got divorced in England, the worst place for a husband to get divorced: the legal system is wholly in favour

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