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After the school run, brisk trade at the market

Here is a bespoke solution, constructed by our dealer, London Green Cycles. The family will use their Christiania tricycle in the morning to take the children to school. Back at home, the “market stall option” is loaded, and one of the parents will go to a local market, and sell speciality food. Yes it could […]

Spot the air quality monitor

Healthy Air is an initiative by Client Earth, the legal professionals who have taken the UK Government to Court for failing in its duty to protect citizens from the violence of polluters. On 05.07 Healthy Air joined forces with Climate Revolution at the Urban Outdoor Festival. They rented a tricycle from London Green Cycles and […]

Christiania bikes, a link in the waste to biogas chain

Our customer Community by Design is running a pilot Food Waste to Biogas project at the Camley Street Natural Park, just North of King’s Cross. A 2 metric cubic digester is fed with 150kg of food waste a week collected locally with a Christiania cargobike. In these pictures we see Juan, one of the people […]

Mobile power at festivals

Volt is a Danish company which offers extra battery power at music festivals. (See how it works). They have a booth where people can collect and swap their battery packs, but in order to offer a better service they also have five Christiania tricycles. The fleet offers extra drop-off/swap locations for festival goers. The pictures […]

Promoting Copenhagen digital cloud service

The Municipality of Copenhagen is using Christiania tricycles to promote its range of digital services. This week, the Citizen’s Service will launch their new initiative ‘Borgerservice2go’ – a mobile citizens service unit. The idea for these 3-wheeled citizen service centres came from the mobile service offered on-campus at Copenhagen Universities, which provide services to newly […]

The Skip Garden’s Flying Cafe

The Skip Garden is a marvellous initiative run by Global Generation: a vegetable garden in the King’s Cross development. The harvested vegetables are used to prepare meals served at the Garden. They now have purchased a Christiania catering tricycle, especially fitted out by our London dealer, London Green Cycles, and they are using it to […]

The beautiful showroom of our London dealer

Located on the East side of Regent’s Park, London Green Cycles specialises on cargobikes and its management and staff have several years of experience in selling and servicing Christiania Bikes. Also read this article in the Independent

Taking library books to the people, by Christiania

Helsinki City Library believes that, The library belongs where all people are, on the streets and in the alleys, wherever people get together, run their errands and live their lives. For this reason, the Central Library is taking the skills, information and stories of a library to the people with the help of six bikes, […]

Favourite promotional vehicle at political jamboree

Folkemødet on the island of Bornholm is an annual informal meeting of people, organisations and politicians. For the third year the free festival provides a different space for Danish politicians to debate and meet with interest groups. Politicians, business, NGO’s and any citizen, come together for free-of-charge seminars and encounters. This year the 4-day festival […]

How would you like your Carlsberg?

Chilled of course. Carlsberg has been dispensed from Christiania tricycles for many years. At the top is the newest version; below is a fifteen-year old model. Images courtesy of Mudguard Media and Jeremy Filgate