Playing with Lego

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Sean Kelly makes BIG sculptures with Lego. One of his recent works is: “Back from market with mum


It is a life-size model with fantastic details. Sean, who owns a Christiania bike himself, explains:

In creating this sculpture, I wanted to capture the simple joys of everyday life as a parent, while solidifying the image of a cyclist as that of a normal person doing normal things, and having fun in the process.

Rather than life-model real people and create a realistically-proportioned bike, I wanted this to look like “cartoon sculpture” with soft, shapes and exaggerated proportions.  Everything from the character’s facial features through to the squashy proportions of bike parts and vegetables are intentionally highly-stylized.


To give the sculpture a sense of motion,the mom’s and daughter’s hair are gently blowing in the wind, and the bicycle’s spokes were intentionally omitted.

To read how Sean planned, designed and executed the sculpture, go to his site.


Finally, if you want to build your own working Lego Christiania Bike, here is inspiration for you:

Christiania - Lego box

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