Riding is fun, for people of all abilities

In a small farming village in North Jutland, a wheel-chair bound pensioner is given back the joy of riding in the countryside.


Skive Flokeblad reports:

A very special bike means that 84-year-old Anna Sørensen  can, for the first time in a long time, go on a bike ride – despite being a wheelchair user.

Anna Sørensen received the honor of being the first on the bike when residents, employees and volunteers at Roslev  Care Centre inaugurated the centre’s two new bikes.

One of the two bicycles is a Christiania Bike with a special ramp in front, where a wheelchair can be rolled on board and tightened.

“I have cycled a lot of kilometers before.”says Anna Sørensen shortly before departure.


“Off we go” commands team coordinator Annette Daniels Møller and she sets off on the first trip through the elderly centre gates.

The other bike is a Christiania Taxi:

Passengers Harald Lassen and Erling O. Larsen, being ridden by social and health care assistant Birthe Funder soon catch up the first bike.

“We’ll have some fun,” exclaims Annette Daniels Møller and Anna Sørensen in front of the bike has a beaming smile.

Although the bikes are equipped with an electric motor, they run on the rye bread engine on the first trip because the batteries have not yet been charged.

“We now have an agreement with four volunteer that will help manage the bikes, says Stinne Krogh, chairman of the Contact Council.

“It will be our promise that the Care Centre residents can visit the town and the countryside, smelling the rapeseed bloom, to see that now it’s all blossoming and in the autumn it will be harvested”


Images by Benjamin Christiansen

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