“I Decongest the City”

Guest post from K4RGO

“I Decongest the City” is a German initiative to encourage businesses to test cargobikes. Around 120 companies are participating. Greenpeace Energy is one of them. They have been using an electric Christiania Bike


Matti Pauls (left above), the Greenpeace Energy Regional Partner now rides the bicycle four to five times a week (approx 60km) for its sales operations at weekly markets and consumer festivals, demos and trade fair appearances.

After a month the results are positive: travelling in Central Berlin is faster than by other means. At destination, the cargobike is often used as info-point, for example at an event at the German Renewable Energy Association or at a demo for the anniversary of Fukushima.


The project tracks distances and purpose of the the use of the cargobikes through an app.

Matti finds the cargobike not only efficient, saving money and time, but also fun to ride:

The Cargobike decongests not only the city but my nerves as well!

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